The Future is Female: Welcome to Vista Renovations

As a female-owned renovation, design, and construction business, Vista Renovations is making NY families’ visions a reality with innovative design, creative solutions, and cultural inspirations worldwide. Beginning with the dreams of her father, Danielle Iturra, created Vista Renovations in March 2018. As a determined, detail-oriented Latina from the Bronx, passionate about creating masterpieces through art and visual design, Danielle has made Vista Renovations a leader in construction and renovations. From a very young age, Danielle embraced the principle of feng shui and the importance of proper energy flow to support a happy, healthy, and abundant living space. Her innate ability to see beyond the realm of possibility, whether it be practical or from a design perspective, is admirable. As a child, Danielle always had an Entrepreneurial mindset. Danielle always knew that a regular 9-5 desk job was outside the cards for her. She is destined to pave the way for the next generation of renovation and construction, and that she has achieved!

Growing up, Danielle was always intrigued by the arts. Her adolescent experience living in a basement apartment inspired her future passion for interior design. Her childhood living accommodations played a large part in creating her vision for Vista Renovations. She quickly learned that vision, careful thought, detailed and eclectic design are essential to the success of any design project or space.

danielle vista renovations

As the company’s President and CEO, Danielle is the female to watch as she takes the sweat and tears of her dad’s labor to a whole new level by making it her own. With a bachelor’s in psychology from Fordham University, Danielle understands the importance of excellence and quality from design concept to completion. While she has a passion for helping people with low-income housing, you will find many high-end renovation projects on the success roster for Vista Renovations.

Her design aesthetic is inspired by art and culture from around the world. Moved by the ethos and elegance of Asian design, Danielle traveled throughout places like Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. There, she was intimately connected to ideas of sustainability, urban planning, and the concept of urban farming and vegetation in apartment buildings, specifically affordable housing units. She also has journeyed throughout South America, visiting places like Columbia, Peru, and Brazil. This cultural experience allowed her to connect with interior design and architecture with a new and eclectic perspective that inspires her renovation approach today.

In her free time, Danielle travels, admiring abstract art, writing, and designing spaces. The story of Vista Renovations is built around dreams, promise, culture, and passion. Are you ready to recreate your dreams into something you always wanted but never imagined could be created? We are the ones to create a reality for you that far exceeds your expectations. Welcome to Vista Renovations!

Vista Renovations, Owner and Senior Designer, Danielle Iturra is known for her innovative design, outstanding quality product, and commitment to each project.