Breathing Life into NYC Homes: The Art of Renovation with Vista

Hello, beautiful souls, Welcome!

I’m Danielle Iturra, the heart, and spirit behind Vista Renovations, and I’m thrilled to welcome you to our canvas – this blog. Here, we paint stories, sketch dreams, and sculpt spaces, all with a vibrant palette of renovation, design, and everything in between.


Our Essence

Vista Renovations isn’t just a company; it’s a movement, a passion, a dance between the old and the new. Born from the rhythmic pulse of NYC, especially the soulful corners of Harlem, we’re on a mission to rejuvenate spaces that have been whispered stories for decades.

Amidst its bustling streets and towering skyscrapers, we see opportunities. Opportunities to transform forgotten corners into havens of wellness. We believe everyone deserves a space that promotes wellness and quality of life regardless of economic background.

With every project, we aim to breathe life into spaces, ensuring they look aesthetically pleasing and resonate with positive energy and wellness. Because at Vista, we don’t just renovate; we reimagine, reshape, and revive.

Join us as we journey through New York, one transformation at a time, crafting spaces that are not just houses, but homes that nurture the soul.

Vista [Vis-tuh]:


  1. The ability to look past what is, while envisioning what’s possible
  2. A far-reaching mental view
  3. a pleasing view, especially one seen through a long, narrow opening


Why Vista is More Than Just Renovation

  • NYC in Our Veins: This city, with its mosaic of cultures, histories, and tales, has nurtured us. We understand its heartbeat, its quirks, and its charm. Every brick, every alley has a story, and we’re here to honor it.   Danielle create realistic photos Certainly Imagery plays a cruc 1ef3e9e2 ea9c 4fee b3a5 0e7b9abc22f3 
  • Craftsmanship as Art: To us, every project is a blank canvas. We don’t just renovate; we reimagine, reshape, and revive. Every brushstroke, every tile placement is done with an artist’s precision and a poet’s passion.

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  • Sustainability with Soul: Our commitment goes beyond just beautifying spaces. We believe in giving back, in weaving sustainability into our art. We’re crafting a greener tomorrow from repurposing materials to planting trees for every project.

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  • Heartfelt Communication: Our journey with every client is a partnership, a duet. We listen, we share, and we dream together. From the first sketch to the final flourish, you’re a part of our creative process.

Stories We’ll Share

Dive into our blog, and you’ll find tales of transformation, tips for those looking to infuse soul into their spaces, and glimpses of our artistic journey. We’ll share the magic of turning forgotten affordable housing units into vibrant homes, brimming with life and love.


Let’s Craft Magic Together

New York City is an ever-evolving masterpiece, and with Vista Renovations, we’re adding our own splash of color. If you see spaces as canvases and believe in the magic of transformation, we’re here to bring your vision to life.

Dive deeper into our world on our website, and let’s co-create spaces that resonate with stories, dreams, and love.

With all my heart,